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Word Alive Day

This is where the pupils recite some chapters of the bible, "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength".

Thanksgiving Day

This is our end of year activity holding in December, its a time to give thanks to ur Lord Jesus the anchor and pillar of our school, the corner stone of or being, it is characterised by christmas carols, presentation by pupils, father christmas , gift exchange by parents, staffs and pupils and lot of fun.

Art & Creativity Day

In school, pupils and teachers will create works using beads, matchsticks, staw and cardboarde.t.c. At home parentsand the children will be giving an assignment which would be submitted to be displayed during our(honours day) ends of term party day. Prizes will be giving for the winning trio. This is a parent-child participation programme. Its fun..

Green Peace Day

It's a day in the term set apart to teach the student about the enviroments and to care for flora and fauna, plants and garden and also teach them about the eco-system.
Pupils are made to learn about how to keep the enviroment green with a visit by the horticulturist, dress code is green T-shirt for that day and students are expected to come with a potted plant.

Honours Day

This is our end of session event. Graduation / prize giving day. Pupils and parents alike are honoured with award and gift for job well done all year around, its a time to put up perfomances and appreciate those who deserve our appreciation. Its also a time of election into the office of the head boy and school princess.

Fruit Day

Teaching our children the importance of fruits, different types of fruits, their names and their uses.The children are expected to come with different types of fruits

Cooking Adventure

This is an in-house activity day to expose the kids in the cooking process, participating in the act of cooking and baking from raw materials to the finished process, some parents will be invited to participate. Its fun learning.

Friendly visit

This is a visit to other schools. This is to create an awrenes of the broader scope of the school enviroment to enhance their knowledge of activities of school in their immediate and being hosted by pals.


We go on excursion to various interesting and educative places at least once in every term, this helps to give them a broader view about life and also helps to widen their knowledge about their enviroment far and near, it helps to develop their self esteem. They also have fun with their peers during the process. Places of interest already visted includes amongst others, National Museum, Mr Fish e.t.c

Show And Tell

Its a day every Child comes to School with something speciall to show their friends and teacher and take back home.It may be a book, toy, dress, food anything they love at home and would like to talk about in school and share with their friends.


Parent's Breakfast Meeting

This comes up every term, parent and teachers must work hand in hand to eduacate the children its a time to come together listen to each other and work things out in the best interest of the pupils.