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School Bus

Our school bus helps to transport pupils from their home to school, and also after school hours it takes them back home, with our experienced drivers your kids safety is guaranteed.

Play Ground

The playground is a very condusive ground in which the pupils have fun during breaktime period under the watch of their teachers.

Computer Room

The school as a well equiped computer lab for easy acess to Ict and the world wide web, which helps to enrich and enhance the students knowlege about happeninsg around their enviroment and the work


We also have a well equiped library in the school, where students take time to study or read any subject of their choice during their free period

Stand By Generator

This ensures that there is power through out the school hours.

Mini Swimming Pool

This enable the students to relax and also have fun under the supervision of their teachers.

Football Pitch

Students who like soccer are encourage to use the football pitch.